Quick RV Safety Refresher Course

I have always been a safety advocate. When you mention the words “RV safety” lots of things come to mind; towing safety, driving safety, personal safety, operating the RV safely and safety related equipment that can be found on most RV’s.

When an RV sits in storage over the winter months we tend to forget certain things about it like how the systems on the RV operate, proper hitchwork, and of course safety related items. Since peak RV travel season is upon us I thought it would be a good idea to offer some RV safety related video clips to serve as a quick RV safety refresher course.

Some of these safety videos apply to all types of RV’s and some apply to specific types of RV’s. Take a moment to refresh your memory by clicking on the safety video links below that apply to you and your RV.

RV Pre-Trip Checks after extended stays:

How To Avoid Common Driving Mistakes:

Towing Safety Tips:

Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips:

RV Tire Tips:

 RV Pre Trip Inspection:

Click on this link to view and print one of Mark's pre-trip checklists httGIJB p://goo.gl/nK

LP Gas Safety Tips:

For some in depth information on RV safety be sure to check out our RV Safety Features Tips & Tricks DVD.

Have a safe RV camping season,

Mark Polk
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