Are You Braking the Law?

A topic that is sometimes overlooked, and seldom talked about is supplemental braking systems. It’s not about what supplemental braking system you have, it’s the fact that you have one!

One requirement for towing a trailer is that the trailer must have a braking system that works in conjunction with the tow vehicle brakes. Why should this requirement be any different for a motorhome towing a vehicle? In reality its not, but most people just assume you don’t need a supplemental braking system for the vehicle you’re towing. Some reasons for this assumption are:

1) Because of the size of the motorhome there is no need for a supplemental brake system on the tow vehicle.
2) People assume the vehicle they are towing is much lighter than it really is.
3) Braking laws are not always enforced by individual U.S. states and Canadian provinces.
4) Nobody took the time to educate the RV consumer on the requirement for a supplemental braking system.

Regardless of the type or model you choose, being able to stop completely, in less time and a shorter distance, will give you an added sense of safety whenever you’re towing a vehicle. And it’s the law in most cases. Most importantly, a supplemental braking system SAFELY reduces the stopping distance and helps to protect you, your loved ones and the safety of others.

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