Tyler's RV Tips

Tyler Polk age 6
Josh Polk age 12

When I first wrote the E-book titled “A Collection of RV Tips” my youngest son, Tyler, was six years old. He has been RVing since he was a baby. He came in the office asking what I was doing at the time. When I explained I was writing some tips for RVers he got very excited and pointed out that he had a bunch of tips for RVers too. He started scribbling some down on paper, and I included them in the original E-book. When he finally finished I was quite amazed at how many tips he had to offer.

Recently as I was updating the book I ran across them again and thought you might enjoy reading some of Tyler's RV Tips. Remember he was only six at the time.

1) Don't tuch any butuns unless mom or dad saz it's ok.
2) Nevr strt the jenerator when the moterhome is plugd in to electrisiti.
3) Nevr git kot goin up the laddr on to the RV roof. Yur dady will git mad.
4) Be kareful in a slippri sleping bag. Yu can fall frm the top bed in the midle of the nite.
5) Nevr tern the watr pomp on wen the watr tank is emti.
6) Bee carful using the baathrum wen the RV is mooving.
7) Kep the scren door klosed when ther are lots of moscitos out.
8) Bee shur the refrjirater dor is klosed all the way.
9) All ways ware flipflops in the bath hause.
10) Git yur own bath hause kit so you don't haf to shar with yur bruther.
11) Nevr fil yur cup to the top wen travling. Dady hits bomps and yur drink flis out.
12) Don't forgit yur flashlite. It gits very darc out at nite.
13) Don't ty yur dog beehind yur bike and ride arond the kampgrnd.
14) Kampgrnd playgrnds are fun but nevr go to one by yurself.
15) Don't run out the dor unles yur shur the step is out.
16) Don't play arond the barbi q gril or kamp fire. They git reely hot and dady gits mad.
17) Don't forgit yur bathing sute. Most kampgrnds hav swimmin pols.
18) Always put the leesh on Buck and Gracie (r dogs) befor you open the dor.
19) Always tak some alowence moni with you. Ther is a lot of neet things to by.
20) Sav somthing frum evrywar you go to put in yur scrpbook
21) Don't forgit the movees, bord games, pokemon cards, legos, gogils, fins, yu-gi-oh cards and colorin books.

Tyler said to tell everyone, “Pak up, bukle up and lets go campin.”

Copyright 2008 by Mark J. Polk, owner of RV Education 101

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