I wanted to let everyone know that we have a free offer:
We are taking one of the most popular DVD titles in our library (previously ONLY available to RV Dealers and now to retail ONLY available thru this free offer), and giving it away free. A $5.95 s/h applies and limit 1 per household. The name of the DVD is "The RV Orientation." The RV Orientation is 54 minutes long and it’s packed with information on topics like campground setup, the LP gas system, water system, electrical system and much more. We even added a bonus chapter on RV safety features and some bloopers to make it more entertaining. It applies to all types of RV's, with the only exception being a pop-up.

Our thought behind this free product offer is that it will benefit you, the RV consumer, especially right now during the holiday season, and it will benefit us by showcasing our information packed products which will in turn get our name out to more RVers and let them know about our other educational DVDs and books.

youtube video we made about it

details on our free offers and how to order


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