The Lighter Side, 10 things you should NEVER do with your RV!

Ten things you NEVER do with your RV. Some of these are just plain old common sense, some you learn the hard way and some… well; you just don’t do it with an RV!

10) While traveling on the interstate in your RV floor it to see what your top speed is.

9) Assume you can fit under that two lane road bridge that doesn’t have the height posted.

8) Wait until next week to winterize the RV when the current temperature outside is 15 degrees.

7) Attempt to empty the holding tanks when your sewer hose almost reaches the drain outlet.

6) Loan your new RV to your best friend for a week. You may be looking for a new best friend!

5) Back the RV into the campsite hoping there is nothing behind you.

4) Take your 35 foot RV on the scenic mountain parkway where the posted sign reads no RV’s over 25 feet allowed. Trust me on this one!

3) Take your brand new RV on a hunting trip with all the guys, trust me on this one too!

2) Believe the RV salesman who says, you’re truck can pull anything on this lot!

And #1 if you read “My First Real RV Adventure” article you will remember when you’re camping in bear country you never put your trash bags outside the camper door!

Can you add anything to the list?

Happy RV Learning,

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  1. Don't think because you have a license to drive means you can just get in an RV and hit the road. Know your RV and research where you can go or you could find yourself at a bridge you can't go under and no place to turn around.

  2. Walk around the unit before you hit the road or you might be driving down the road with the steps still out...says the voice of experience. Same rule for cupboard doors so now there's a check list page in my latest book because we've forgotten all those things at one time or another. Barb

  3. Don't go anywhere before securing your awning in the closed position, with zipties, or awening straps.There is a decent awning somwhere on the south side of I80 in Wyoming. I didnt hear it depart, just heard the rear awning arm banging against the side of my RV.