RV Education 101 Demystifies Sewer Kits

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RV Education 101 Demystifies Sewer Kits
Harrells, NC – December 2009 -- RV Education 101, the leaders in educating RVers, produced some short product demonstration videos. To date there are 3 videos highlighting Valterra Products, a leading RV Parts and Accessories Supplier.

Mark Polk, founder of RV Education 101 states, “Sewer hook-ups can be a messy job that no one really looks forward to. I personally have used Valterra RV sewer hose products for years and know firsthand that they simplify the RV sewer hook-up experience.”

Product videos improve the education process for new RV owners making it easier to understand what is involved with all of the processes of RV ownership and also helps the consumer make an educated buying decision.

Valterra's RV Sewer Hose

Valterra EZ Coupler Thread-On Fittings

Valterra EZ Coupler & Dominator Extension Hoses

Dawn Polk, co-owner RV Education 101, sums it up saying, “We don't want RVers to be overwhelmed with their new RV lifestyle. Our goal is to teach the consumer all that we can to make their RV experiences everything they should be, SAFE, FUN and STRESS FREE. RV owners can review the product videos as many times as needed until they thoroughly understand the RV systems and operation.” http://www.rveducaion101.com/ , and http://www.rvdownloads.com/


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