Who is that driving the motorhome?

Over the weekend we started planning for an RV trip we are taking later this summer. It's about 6,000 miles roundtrip. We are on somewhat of a timeline and I wanted an idea on average of how many miles we would travel each day, based on our schedule.

It seems like more often than not we are on a tight schedule, forcing us to put in more miles per day than I would like. I want this trip to be more leisurely when it comes to how many hours you are behind the wheel each day.

Admittedly I am one of those people who likes to do all of the driving myself. I just feel better if I know I am behind the wheel. I know my wife, Dawn, is a competent driver (she even has her CDL) but I still prefer to do the driving. Don't get me wrong, I think it is extremely important that both individuals are capable of driving or towing the RV. You never know when your wife or husband will need to drive the RV and they should feel comfortable and confident in doing so.

As we were planning the trip it brought back a memory of a past trip we took in the RV. We were stopped in traffic because of an accident, and had sat in the same spot without moving for at least 30 minutes. I told Dawn that I was going to run back and use the bathroom and if traffic started moving to just get behind the wheel and drive. The boys were in the back bedroom playing X Box.

The motorhome started moving about the same time that I came out of the bathroom. Both boys looked up at me with their eyes wide open and my older son said, "If you're back here with us who's driving the motorhome?" My youngest son (Dawn's stepson), who was about 8 at the time leaped up and ran to the front of the motorhome and said, "Dawn just pull over as soon as you can and let dad drive."

The boys never saw Dawn drive the motorhome and just assumed she couldn't or shouldn't be driving it. At that point I made a mental note to myself to one day produce a driving DVD to help teach people who don't drive the RV how to do it. It took a while but eventually we produced our Drive your Motorhome Like a Pro DVD

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