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I wrote an article about state parks that are being closed because of state budget cuts. I received many e-mails regarding the article, including one that referenced this website www.americasstateparks.com

When I started to research the topic more in-depth I ran across a Business Wire article explaining how the National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD) established this America’s State Parks Alliance. The purpose of the alliance is to mobilize and educate the public and policy makers on the positive impact state parks have on public health and local economies.

The article and website offered some very insightful information about our state parks.

For example:

1) State Parks across America spend about $2.3 billion in annual operations, but they generate about $20 billion in economic impact.

2)More than 725 million people visited state parks in 2009 (during recession)

3)Building and maintaining state parks helps create jobs.

4)State parks help stimulate outdoor recreation and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

5)State parks promote tourism.

6)State parks conserve our natural, cultural and historical assets.

7)For campers, our state parks offer 207,063 campsites, 7,161 cabins and lodges and over 41,000 trails to hike and explore.

America’s State Parks is committed to giving a unified voice to all of our country’s state park systems in Washington and national politics. They work with policy makers to ensure that these national treasures are protected and that the voices of state park users are heard.

Visit America’s State Parks to see what you can do to help protect state parks threatened by closure because of state budget cuts.

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