A Fun Vintage Trailer Restoration Project with Mark Polk

What do I consider to be a vintage trailer? Well, when you talk about vintage trailers lots of folks think about trailers that were built in the 30s, 40s or 50s, or they think about a particular brand name like airstream, Spartan or Prairie Schooner. I think any trailer you find today from the 30s through the 60s are classic vintage trailers. When I started to consider a vintage trailer restoration project I wasn’t as concerned about a name or era of time as I was about a finding a trailer with a good foundation at the right price.

I think there are lots of these old vintage trailers sitting around out there that can be found and restored back to a useable condition at a fairly reasonable cost. Find an old trailer that you like the looks of, or one that has some character. If you can find an old trailer with a semi solid structure at the right price and you like the way it looks it can make a fun vintage trailer restoration project. I say go for it, you only go around once, have some fun!

Happy RV Learning,

Mark Polk

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