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Question: Hi Mark, quick question for you. In several of your DVD’s/articles, you recommend installing a temperature >controlled DC vent fan to improve RV refrigerator performance in hot weather. When I inquired about purchasing this accessory at my local Camping World, I was told that on a newer refrigerator (which I have), the performance is not significantly improved by a vent fan. Do you agree with this assessment, or do you believe that even the newest models will benefit from installing this accessory?

Mark’s Answer: Well Russ that really depends on how well the refrigerator is vented when it is installed in the RV. I have seen refrigerators with little to no room for ventilation and others with more than enough room to help vent the heat from behind the refrigerator and keep it cool.
On our Class C Motorhome there was very little space for ventilation and I added a 12 volt fan to assist. It improved the cooling efficiency significantly. Our Class A MH came from the factory with a 12 volt fan already installed.
I guess the best answer is the refrigerator itself. If it seems to struggle keeping things cold in hot weather you can benefit from a fan. If it does a good job it probably isn’t necessary.
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