Cold Weather RVing By Mark Polk

Here some cold weather RV tips in no particular order:

 Do not store any water hoses with water in them. If you need to use it, it will probably be frozen. You can take it inside to thaw out if need be, or use a hair dryer.

 Covering the windows with curtains, drapes or almost anything will help to hold some of the heat in. It helps to cover overhead vent openings too.

 It may be necessary to take military type showers to keep from filling the gray water tank so quickly. Heat up some water, take the water and a tall glass and enjoy your shower.

 Leave cabinets or drawers open where water lines are located to allow heat to circulate around plumbing.

 Block off sections of the RV you won’t be using with blankets or sheets. The more heat where you are the better.

 Try to avoid opening the entry door as much as possible.

 Oh and don’t forget the electric blanket. It can be a lifesaver at night

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  1. Subject: winter in a Motor home
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