RV Winter Tips

Tip #1- To assist you with heating your RV during cold weather camping, and to save a significant amount of LP gas that your RV furnace uses, purchase a portable electric ceramic heater. They work extremely well and many models available on the market come equipped with thermostats.

Tip #2- If your RV is equipped with a generator, at a minimum, it should be exercised for 30 minutes to an hour on a monthly basis with at least a half rated load. Consult your generator owner’s manual for load ratings. If your generator has a carburetor and it is not exercised on a regular basis the fuel will begin to gel around the jets. If this happens and you manage to get it started it will have that all too familiar surging sound. It can damage electrical appliances and equipment not to mention the cost of having the carburetor removed and cleaned. If the generator will be in long term storage you can add a fuel preservative to the fuel tank and run the generator long enough for the preserver to get through the fuel system. This will protect it until you are ready to use it again. More RV storage tips are available on our Winterizing and Storage video available at www.rveducation101.com

Tip #3- Never use your range burners or oven as a source of heat! This is the only non-vented LP gas appliance on modern day RVs. Cooking appliances need fresh air for combustion and because of the limited supply of oxygen in RVs, due to the size, oxygen is depleted and there is a greater danger of asphyxiation.

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