RVIA Trade Show in Louisiville 2010 Part 3

Talk about outdoor kitchens! The slide-out on this trailer was about 18 inches wide and not only can you watch football on the big screen, you can cook a thick juicy steak while your doing it. But if starts to rain I would move the tailgate party inside.

You wouldn't know by looking at the picture, but this is the rear of a Fleetwood Type A motorhome. It has a sofa and TV for relaxing and when it's time to for bed the queen size bed drops down from the ceiling at the push of a button. Pretty neat huh?

Onan had a display in Louisville of all of the generators they have produced for RV's over the years. I think this one was circa 1927. Don't forget the pull cord, this was long before they were equipped with electric starters.

Something else I noticed in Louisville were Type A motorhomes that manufacturers brand as a Type A/C combination, like this Fleetwood product. As you are aware most Type C motorhomes have sleeping arrangements up front over the cab. These A/C combinations are equipped with a bed up front that drops down when you need it and stores against the ceiling when you don't. This actually used to be quite common many years ago. I guess it's like fashion, old styles always seem to come back again.

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