RVIA Trade Show in Louisiville 2010 Part 4

Now that's a big front window. Be careful walking around inside when you get out of the shower! After further examination it did have a screen you could pull down.

Here is a toy hauler with a comfortable rear living room. Don't forget to move the recliners and roll up the carpet before you pull the motorcycles or ATVs back in.

This was a retro style Type A motorhome called the "Trip" that I saw at the Holiday Rambler display.

One feature I was glad to see on some of the towables at the RVIA show was a wider stance axle, intended to help with trailer sway. Any improvement in the area of safety is great news for the consumer.

Take a good look at what we know of today as a good tow vehicle. If things keep going the way they are these trucks may soon be a thing of the past! It will be like a phone booth when the next generation youth asks what that was the young parent will reply I think they called that a truck.

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