RV Poll Results (3rd Installment)

It’s always interesting and fun to look back at some of our past RV polls to see how folks responded to the questions.

Keep in mind that the outcome of any poll depends on several factors like; what type of poll it is, how the questions are worded, who is asking the questions and of course who does and does not participate in the poll. Our weekly RV poll is not a scientific poll, a political poll or a marketing poll. It is basically used to give me some idea of what our newsletter readers are interested in, how they use their RVs, and of course just for fun.

Here are the latest RV poll results:

Poll Question: Do you use the shower at the campground bath-house more than the shower in your RV?
Poll Response: 41% answered yes and 59% answered no.

Poll Question: Do you RV during the fall and winter months?
Poll Response: 84% do and 16% do not.

Poll Question: Do you winterize your RV, or do you have an RV dealer winterize it for you?
Poll Response: 88% winterize their own RV and 12% do not.

Poll Question: Do you take bottled water with you when RVing, or do you filter your drinking water?
Poll Response: 32% take bottled water, 15% filter their water and 53% do both.

Poll Question: Do you store your RV on your property or at a storage facility?
Poll Response: 70% store it on their property and 30% store it at a storage facility.

Poll Question: Do you RV with pets?
Poll Response: 91% do and 9% do not.

Poll Question: How often do you wash your RV?
Poll Response: 29% after each trip, 7% before putting in storage, 3% never and 61% as needed

Poll Question: Do you pack most of your food before leaving on a trip or buy your groceries when you arrive at your destination?
Poll Response: 72% pack most food before leaving and 28% buy food when they get there.

Poll Question: Have you ever weighed your RV?
Poll Response: 36% have and 64% have not.

Poll Question: How many years has your RV battery(s) lasted? (1 to 2, 2 to 3, 4 or more)
Poll Response: 15% 1 to 2 years, 39% 2 to 3 years and 46% 4 0r more years.

Poll Question: Do you perform your own routine maintenance on your RV?
Poll Response: 78% yes and 22% no.

Poll Question: Have you ever cleaned your RV roof?
Poll Results: 84% have and 16% have not.

Poll Question: Have you ever dry-camped in your RV? (camping without hookups)
Poll Response: 73% answered yes and 27% answered no

Poll Question: Have you ever camped in a national or state park?
Poll Response: 80% have and 20% have not

Poll Question: Have you ever had a rodent problem with your RV?
Poll Response: 30% answered yes and 70% answered no.

Poll Question: Have you ever spent the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot?
Poll Response: 48% have and 52% have not.

Poll Question: When traveling by RV how often do you connect to the Internet? (every day, 2 or more times a week)
Poll Response: 69% responded every day and 31% responded 2 or more times a week

Poll Question: Who drives or tows the RV the most? (male, female, I travel alone)
Poll Response: 92% male, 4% female, 4% I travel alone

Poll Question: Did your RV come with a spare tire?
Poll Response: 73% yes and 27% no

Poll Question: Do you make advanced campground reservations?
Poll Response: 84% yes and 16% no.

Poll Question: Do you see closing state parks as a feasible method to decrease state budgets?
Poll Response: 10% said yes and 90% said no.

Poll Question: Is your RV financed?
Poll Response: 56% yes and 44% no

Poll Question: Do you have an RV Emergency Roadside Service Plan?
Poll Response: 84% do and 16% do not

Poll Question: On average, how many miles a day do you travel in, or tow your RV? (200 or less, 300, 400, 500 or more)
Poll Response: 18% 200 or less, 46% 300 miles, 27% 400 miles and 9% 500 or more.

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