RV Poll Results (4th Installment)

Every few months I like to post some of our previous RV poll results. I think it makes for some interesting reading. You can see how other RV enthusiasts responded to various RV related topics and it might make you consider an aspect about RVing you haven’t considered in the past. Keep in mind that these RV poll’s are only intended to give me some idea of what our newsletter readers are interested in, how they use their RVs, and of course just for fun.

RV Poll Question: What is your favorite season of the year to use your RV?
RV Poll Response: Spring 8%, Summer 25%, Fall 35%, Winter 3%, Year Round 28%

RV Poll Question: Have you ever had any plumbing lines freeze in your RV?
RV Poll Response: Yes 24%, No 76%

RV Poll Question: Do you treat the fuel system in your RV, or any other gasoline powered equipment, with a fuel preservative while sitting in storage?
RV Poll Response: Yes RV 11%, Yes other equipment 22%, Yes both RV & equipment 34%, No 25%, NA 8%

RV Poll Question: Do you travel in your RV with the propane cylinders, or tank, turned on or turned off?
RV Poll Response: Turned on 73%, Turned off 27%

RV Poll Question: Do you plan to use your RV more in 2011 than you did in 2010?
RV Poll Response: Yes 73%, No 22%, New RV owner in 2011 5%

RV Poll Question: I purchased my first RV from:
RV Poll Response: Dealer 59%, Private owner 35%, Family member 2%, Friend 3%, Given to me 1%

RV Poll Question: Do the passengers in your motorhome wear seatbelts while traveling?
RV Poll Response: All passengers 79%, No passengers 19%, Kids only 3%

RV Poll Question: After winter RV storage, how do you prepare your RV for travel and camping?
RV Poll Response: Do it myself 92%, Pay to have it done 4%, Get in it and go 4%

RV Poll Question: Has your RV ever been broken into?
RV Poll Response: Yes while traveling 1%, Yes while stored 7%, Yes at campground 2%, No never 91%

RV Poll Question: Do you primarily watch TV shows on your television or on your computer?
RV Poll Response: Computer 4%, TV 96%

RV Poll Question: During an RV trip, do you watch television or do you leave the remote at home?
RV Poll Response: Watch some TV on RV trips 74%, Watch a lot of TV on RV trips 13%, Leave remote at home 13%

RV Poll Question: How many e-newsletters do you subscribe to?
RV Poll Response: 1-2 24%, 3-5 43%, 5 or more 33%

RV Poll Question: Are you happy with your current RV, or would you prefer a different type or size?
RV Poll Response: Happy with current RV 70%, Prefer different size or type RV 30%

RV Poll Question: Do you have trouble with RV odors from the holding tanks?
RV Poll Answer: Yes 19%, No 81%

RV Poll Question: How do you adjust tire pressure when traveling by RV?
RV Poll Response: I carry a portable air compressor 70%, Drive to nearest service center with air support 30%

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